Thank you! Thanks to all visitors and, who supported us in any way! You are great!

Since it was a concern of many, * generally also invite Trans men and Trans, as announced, please write to this address, if you like, to make a meeting in the LFT-style invitation with more inclusive:

Once the contacts are collected, then either opens a forum, or or or.. In any case, we will create space, so you can connect to you. Let us a few days to rest! ;)


What is the LFT?

Welcome to the LFT 2.013, which this year takes place in Munich. For the weekend of Pentecost from 17. until 20. May, we will get great rooms from the University of Munich and expect you in the Lothstra├če 64.

Cards on Friday of 17 – 20 Clock or on Saturday and Sunday from 8 Be purchased and picked up clock.

There is information on the How to get there.

The Lesbian Spring Meeting is the largest national political and cultural eventorganised by and for lesbians with interesting workshops, lectures, films, roundtables, good food, relaxation, networking and party. The LFT is held every year on Whit weekend in a different city with a different theme instead and is accessible.

Already in the 1920s, lesbians met in Berlin to a common Whit walk, what after the seizure of power by the National Socialists 1933 was no longer possible. Only 1972 a lesbian Pentecostal meeting was again held in Berlin, since 1979 a different city is selected for each year. Thousands of women from Germany and abroad countries annually participated since 1972 in the meetings.

In Munich all are welcome, who's self-definition contains “woman loving women” ., not only lesbians and not only Cis women or. Organic Women.

Here you can socialize, educate yourself, get to know yourself better – with much joy and fun.

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