Accessibility for people with special needs and abilities

 The LFT 2013 can be attended to by all, regardless of the existing physical, mental or linguistic limitations:

Accessible Venues
The event location are wheelchair accessible, also we have wheelchair accessible toilets. We also try to edit labels in Braille signs for visually impaired. A site plan you get on the LFT to the booth “Accessibility for people with special needs and abilities”.

Accessible Accommodation
We take care of accessible accommodation. If needed please register as soon as possible .

Driving Service
For arrival and departure and the paths between the venues and accommodation, and for the demo, there will be a shuttle service from Friday to Monday for wheelchair users and mobility impaired.

Sign language interpreters
There will be 8 sign language interpreters present, to translate for deaf or hard of hearing participants the LFT 2013 plenas, protest march, part of the evening program and interpret according to the wishes of workshops / lectures.

There are also two deaf female performers, who will perform the evening part of music in sign language.

Program books in MP3 format and large print
are available on the LFT at the information desk of the Barrier-Free Working Group.

Personal assistance is mainly done through the involvement of other LFT visitors. Specific needs you can already claim prior to the LFT at Working Group Accessibility. If you want to act as assistant, please contact us.

Please notice: Only needs which were declared can be met!