Ticket Sale

For tickets please see and click “Kartenvorverkauf”

 Please transfer the total amount within 4 weeks to Münchner VR Bank eG, Account number: 2464993;

BLZ: 70166486 Account holder: LesKult – Lesben bewegen München

In order to allocate your payment please use the reference in the confirmation email. This will make it a lot easier for us.

Cancellation is free until April 15th, 2013. After that we will have to charge a handling fee of 50% of the total cost.

Please fill in the “Bedürfnisbogen” if you need assistance for a self-determined participation in the LFT, such as assistance, free admission for an assistant who arrives with you, wheelchair accessibility, special needs in accommodation (wheelchair accessible, single room, accessibility to the blind), sign language interpreter, acoustic program booklet (MP3), shuttle service, and so on.


Time assistants

You may act as assist during some hours of the LFT.
Please register bindingly as helper at the LFT 2013 in Munich – see “Dauerhelferinnen”


The educational child care on the LFT 2013 of Munich with specific offers can be done from 8:30 h on. Experiential learning day program points are also being planned. We will look after the children in the “Schloß” venue, which is right on the grounds of the Olympic Park, by foot 15 minutes away from the “Hochschule” (University), where the LFT will be held. For boys (and girls) there is no age limit.

More info on site or to be requested in person via email. In the interests of children, it is important for us to make agreements with the legal guardian mothers. This will be done with a consent form which will be sent to you by mail or undersigned on site. For coordination and preparation of the area of lesbians and children, we ask that you register in advance for the kids using the contact form (see “Kinder”). Gladly we can also make agreements by phone. If you still have questions and suggestions, please apply to:

Verena – kinderbetreuung@lft-muenchen.de


For the spontaneous we have a ticket quota on the LFT. We however kindly ask you to preorder, it is easier for us to plan and especially starting capital is available; it also soothes the nerves of our financial woman ;-) .

If you have questions, please contact us kartenverkauf (at)lft-muenchen.de.

Since this year, as Nuremberg last year, we get no support from the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth, it’s hard for us to ensure accessibility. An LFT may not take place, however, if it is not accessible (sign language interpreters, barrier-free rooms, childcare, …). It is part of our identity to enable all participants a self-determined participation.

We therefore ask you all on making your own decision concerning the admission price to act in solidarity! We depend on cards being ordered and paid for in advance, in order to pay the first term costs.

Attention: for young lesbians we have special offers with prices similar to those in the social ticket! You can also register as a group: kartenverkauf (at)lft-muenchen.de


Prices for the LFT 2.013
Price Description
Platform ticket
€ 5,00 per day I
Only entitles you to stay on the premises – without the possibility to attend day and evening program.
Dayprogram€ 45,00 per day Eligible to participate in all the events of the day program (Workshops, Plenums)
Complete    ticket From 18.5. to 20.5.2013 (incl. day and evening program)
€ 60-90 This range is intended for all those who, who have a low income and need to consider whether they can afford to pay. It is still not cost covering for the LFT. (If you have problems paying this amount, please contact us for a social ticket – kartenverkauf (at)lft-muenchen.de)
€ 91-145 This range is intended for all those who do not need to count every cent. The range is to cover costs.
€ 146-195 This range is intended for all those who are in a good financial position and can afford some things. It subsidizes the social and the cheaper tickets.
For an amount of more than € 195,00 we can issue you a receipt. Please indicate on the registration form.
Evening tickets
15 Euro Ticket bought in advance
18 Euro Ticket bought at the box office

Program booklet

You can get your program book in advance, so you can check already at home which  workshops, readings and discussions you want to go.

State when ordering your ticket. All pre-orders received by April 20th will be mailed to you.