LFT 2.0 13 … timeless lesbian – how you do live?

This is our motto for the LFT 2013. It probably means something different for each organizing woman, which is why each group will put their own interpretation of meaning: For example, the exhibition will introduce the theme with a different perspective in their planning as the day program. What we definitely want to show: the lesbian variety. We want the spectrum of those who feel comfortable on the LFT to be as wide as possible.


Program booklet 

You can get your program book in advance, so you can check already at home which  workshops, readings and discussions you want to go.

State when ordering your ticket. All pre-orders received by April 20th will be mailed to you.


Day program – see “Tagesprogramm”

Here you will find a large selection of events of the day program we have planned for you (The booklet with the full program you can purchase from us)


  Lesbian teachers – Visible at school. Coming out at the workplace school

  A little escape from stress

  Laughing: A side-effect free medicine

  Female sexuality today

  Sisterhood can kill – Provocative questions about the lack of culture of conflict in women’s groups

  Flirting made easy

  “Fishing” in the net

  … the freedom we mean… – Understanding of freedom in the women- and lesbian movement

  Giacomo Casanova – Lesbian Hunter?

  Annette von Droste-Hulshoff: Poetess, Composer – and “Sister”?

  Dance with “death” – a different perspective on life and death

  Women space and dreams in Russia

  “Daughters of departure”: Film & Conversation

  Residential Projects

  Through your heart language – NVC – try it out

  Dormant in the alertness of my heart – The inner attitude in the presence of NVC

  B.K.S. Iyengar Yoga experience – learn to know your body

  Nutrition with heart

  LGBTQAIP – Will you be one of us? – Discrimination within the lesbian scene

  Woman sex and sensuality

  Tantric Chakra-Meditation

  Lesbians and addiction – “…a little glass can do no harm?”

  “Open your door for a foster child!” – What can it mean to live with foster children

  Masks fascinate – they invite you to play and to transform. Masquerade with fairytales

  Women’s music festival in Michigan

  Lesbians travel differently!

  Networking meeting for regional / local lesbian clubs

  Timeless lesbian life / dance – experimental dance improvisation

  It was NOT a long farewell, but a deep encounter with life itself

  Frauenkörper neu gesehen – Book Launch

  Sexy and Safe

  Choral singing – A good mood is (quite) an art

  Now I do it my way – powerful . brave . self-determined

  Tips in self-defense – theory and practice

  In his own words – A spoken-word workshop

  Queer-feminist ecology

  From Susie Bright to Süderlenau – 20 Years of publishers Krug & Schadenberg

  Women and erotic services. Pro / Con : Women as a freelance interior of adult service providers

  Lesbian feminist from passion? – Do we need a political home?

  Mental “Disease” – Bipolare disorder

  LesBiSchwuleTrans * lifestyles in school – Introducing two school education projects

  What is leadership and how a diversity of lesbian history? – History interested lesbians from different generations and abilities, with a migrant background and from other cultures offer a guided tour about lesbian history in their city

  Guide to history of Munich’s new lesbian movement


and many, many more …


Workshop Registration
Our search for contributions to the day’s program is completed. Thank you for the many special offers, which we have received!


Evening Program – see “Abendprogramm”

Our evening program for Saturday and Sunday is completed now and it is quite impressive!

Here is a selection of our acts:




Shut Up and Sign_Speak

Stories, written by Life – texted and performed by deaf and hearing women and transgender – that is Shut Up And Sign_Speak. For Lesbian Spring meeting we show a short extract from a show in Berlin in the autumn of 2012. Hearing and deaf Performers have worked in joint teams performances, created together images and ideas, learned and rehearsed. Thus, the pieces were not only between sound- and sign language translated, but it produced two-language performances.



Elcassette, which are Maria on the guitar and synthesizer and Elke on drums and guitar. Their songs are about love and death, Dyke-bars and relationship problems – to name a few topics – the audience is to be moved in the best case to dance as well as to think.



Melodiva Lesbenchor – is singing, cabaret show and a humorous look at the lesbian life. They sing pop songs, Evergreens, Soul, Musical Hits, from classical to Bavarian.

Every two years, they launch a new evening program with a self-developed story, own lyrics and arrangements, swinging choreography, changing scenery and self-tailored costumes.


Banana Fancy Free

Influenced by blues and soul of the parents, The Spice Girls in their childhood, the rock, Reggae and grunge of their youth and finally the electro sound of their generation, it is not easy to create the lightest of a mixture thereof, if one tries to enforce it. But somehow it works anyway mostly by itself.


And with these DJanes you can then turn the night into day:


DJ Skinny

DJane Eleni

DJ Mary Maude


DJ El Mariemacho