LFT needs YOU!

(AG = Arbeitsgruppe = Working Group)

 The following AGs are at the moment searching for help:

AG Accessibility: Looking for a person who

  • checks the website concerning accessibility


AG vendors

  • coordinate set-up and removal of stands
  • maintain contact with women in charge of the stands
  • provide stand-women with ribbons and information on arrival


AG beds

  • enquire and book gyms for beds
  • reserve camp sites
  • Sleeping places for lesbians with children


Logistics AG

  • sift / sort fund / equipment
  • distribute fund / equipment to the different rooms


AG Technique

  • organize technical equipment for day program
  • organize technical equipment for barrier-free accessibility



You can expect a varied and lively LFT 2013 in Munich. With mandy hands and minds we can do it – so we’re looking for helpers who work on the event days in different areas.

Be there as part of the team!

If you are interested, please let us know via the “Kontaktformular” !



The LFT is also in Munich organized by volunteers as part of a charitable association. Donations are used for different areas: rent, advertising, …

As a non-profit organization, we are authorized to issue donation receipts.
If you wish to support us, we request you fill out a form. You will receive an email with our bank details.

Incidentally, we also accept donations gladly, whether technology, cozy pillows, deco or prizes for the raffle.


 Working Groups

Get yourself into the following AGs, thus, the LFT is a success!
Public relations & Website

The site is available and will be filled with content, but the most important: Where do we distribute this content and where to we do any form of advertising for the LFT? If you enjoy texting, please let us know!


Day program

On the agenda, we plan everything what shall happen during the day. We have organised speakers on topics which we consider to be important for the LFT. In addition, here eveything  everything planned that should be part of the program (for example, outdoor activities) and what additional services we should offer (as a memorial room, a relaxation room, etc).


Evening Program

music, concerts, dance, party, cabaret or gospel choir – the planning for the evening program is completed.


Art Exhibition

This year there will be an art exhibition, if you are an artist or have ideas we look forward to feedback.


Protest March 

This year we want to establish a proper demo. We want to be colorful and loud (or maybe  quiet to set a mark?)



Here it’s all about space: properly allocate the workshops, the technique to prepare and keep track, where which tables were … This is the AG for space planners


The LFT is to be rounded off this year with stands, for that we need you. You feel like planning (space, technology, ..), then you’re welcome.



Without a sophisticated financial calculations an LFT cannot be done. You have experience with it, perhaps even the professional background, then write please to finanzen@lft-muenchen.de


Accessibility for people with special needs and abilities 

Accessibility is an integral part in the self-understanding of LFTs. For the implementation we are looking for dedicated people, want to help open the LFT to all lesbians. There is much to do, so that women with or without experience are equally welcome.



With a well-filled stomach “workshoping” is much easier, therefore we need here coordinating heads who care for a catering plan.


Lesbians with children

The AG lesbians with children cares for the day care and child-friendly accommodation.



The traditional LFT-cup and other products are planned in this AG.



In advance we want to find many helpers for the working groups, so that they can be strengthened with many ideas to organize the LFT. We also need for the LFT many diligent assistants, to support us in all the little, but infinitely important tasks. Whether ribbon control or toilet paper refill, we must keep track of what is needed, where and when.



Accommodation in Munich is expensive, therefore we plan a bed exchange, lesbians offering other lesbians their couches or beds. Would you like to manage that?



You are communicative and keep track, even if everything is messed up? But above all, you are a talent for organization, and can provide everything at the right time at the right place? For example the organization of beer benches, planning of the fundus, or the provision of platforms for the demo. Join us with your talent!

If you are interested, please let us know via “Kontaktformular” !